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WordPress Is Taking Over!!! Is There Hope For ASP.NET MVC Developers?

WordPress is taking over!!! Is there hope for ASP.NET MVC developers?

According to Forbes, More than 25% of the world’s websites are run by WordPress and it is the most popular CMS in the world. WordPress powers nearly 75 million websites.

A mentor advised “Software Engineering is a broad field as one would need to focus on his best programming language, but more importantly, on what SELLS CURRENTLY, that is, following the market not just PASSION“.

But … technology is dynamic and a lot come up to override stale (once current) solutions. And then, somehow they take over present solutions. #Disruption.

The rate at which Content Management Systems, new Open source technologies and enterprise frameworks are built is pretty fast and really amazing.

For example, Microsoft or ASP.NET MVC software professionals probably spent so much energy, time, resources and of course gather good experience over the years, then, only to find out that his or her knowledge seems outdated – even upon trying to keep up daily via thorough studies, seminar attendance, workshop and professional training. He or she then realize that WordPress makes life easy or probably Android App development is the way forward. But while trying to get materials to study…soon another innovation would override the known… so the question is  how does one build a Career and find his or her bearing in this very dynamic industry called Website or Software Engineering?

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  1. You have spoken my mind. This is a sincere question. I am a website developer (JavaScript/Angular/Php) and I am faced with this same issue. Technology trend is so quick to change and keeping up to it is almost impossible.

    Anyways, for me, as I have always advised my students, I think:
    1) It pays to understand THE MARKET DEMAND AND FOLLOW THE MARKET first – because that is what brings the money.

    2) One must have a passion at least and then groom it (don’t let it die). Do what you love doing. Fulfillment is key (not just money).

    3) Employ your best programming language and code with joy but with common sense (think of money too).

    4) Invest at least one hour doing your passion thing, but ensure your programming is as to making some money (motivation) too

    Nice blog. God bless you guys!

    1. Thank you for your comment. That was helpful.
      We agree with you, Software and Web developers should consider the MARKET DEMAND followed by PASSION

  2. Hmmm…. good insight.

    I am a Java developer and you guys spoke my mind oo. Tired of reading too many things, yet poor!!

    It’s time to focus only what brings money + fulfillment. In fact, this kind of thinking is what separates the Bosses from their Staff. The Bosses know WHY the software programmers is coding, while the programmers only know the HOW.

    Developers should think business too, not just coding!!!

    Nice blog. Keep it up guys.

  3. Software professionals should not forget their dreams! Well said Innovation Xtreme. Working in an industry that has no end to learning is a good one.

  4. There are a lot of free and fully supported frameworks for building web applications that even use the model-view-controller pattern aside from ASP.NET and WP.

    Good Developers are not affected by Open source technologies at all because these are tools that help us develop faster and better rather than from scratch. Few core programmers will want to use open source or CMS, they prefer working from scratch.

  5. Aside from WordPress, trending CMS meet the larger market. As a business man I need liquid cash to keep my business running. Hence, it may not make sense to develop from scratch an app that doesn’t have potential customers. Many of us are driven by our ideas and fail to realize what the market especially Nigerian market needs is commonly quick solutions unlike the big industries like Bank and telecomms industries that can afford to buy bespoke apps.

    With my experience in SME and app development I would always stick to the school of thought that says UNDERSTAND THE MARKET FIRST BEFORE TECHNICAL APPROACH.
    In conclusion, website development using CMS makes sense in Nigerian market, while, WordPress is the father of all. The unpopular Orchard CMS is another for. NET freaks like myself.

    1. Nice post…have read through the comments section but now I’m kinda confuse because I am new to development and I intend going over to .net and C#. Is it that am trying to learn something that is becoming irrelevant. I need your advise I am in Nigeria.

      1. Hello Benson,
        you do not have to be confused. C# is a powerful programming language for Mobile, Web and Desktop apps, which means it is very relevant and STILL relevant.
        If you would like to focus:
        1) on Software development, then focus on Java or C# but with ASP.NET MVC (not just .NET web forms). Also, you may play with their CMS open source scripts. As for C sharp, we have the likes of Orchard CMS, DNN, Umbraco, etc. While for Java language we have dotCMS, etc. See the best java CMS on Quora

        while our advice:
        2) on Website development: if this is your career path, then focus on the big picture, that is using the latest web programming languages like Angular js, node, jquery, etc and then do not neglect CMS like WordPress for rapid web development. C# and Php are cool for backend here too.

        All we are trying to communicate is this: ‘don’t just think career, think business and the future too’. Trust us, you may not want to work as an Employee for too long, thus, think business alongside and start some side projects using CMS (does not stop you from learning programming either).

        Please note that some Clients may be impatient and not be willing to pay Web developers good money or high reward that is equivalent to their efforts – this is Africa. There are lots of hungry and incompetent software and web developers willing to charge a token for their jobs. So you have to be smart – learn RAD tools for speedy delivery and less stress.

        So, why waste time developing a website or an app from scratch if there are open source tools that can do the job.
        1) WHEN LEARNING

        We hope that we were able to help in anyway?
        Kindly reply if you have any other concern(s)

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