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At IX, we provide web maintenance and Support for existing and new websites – whether developed by us or other firms.

For clarification, we have used below an ‘E-Commerce’ website as our model.

Monthly support:

  1. General Web Support and Maintenance –
  • Monthly Plugin Updates: WooCommerce plugin updates, YITH, Yoast (SEO), Loginizer (security patch) and other plugin updates.
  • Website Theme Monthly Update – update as necessary whenever there is a new theme version for better website performance
  • Weekly Website backup
  • Search Engine Optimization for your product categories and all additional pages. This is to help searching on Google more precise.
  1. Staff training 
  • Website / E-Commerce back-end training on shop management
  • SEO for products and categories
  • Staging site uploads
  1. Graphics and Branding –

To SELL, branding is KEY

  • We provide branding services, thus, help you create graphics suited for all your promotional materials. For instance, company brochure, leaderhead paper, fliers, and so on.
  • We will provide you with mouthwatering designs that are mobile friendly, tablet and desktop, yet optimized and that appeal to your target market especially. Hence, yielding revenue results when implemented as Ads.
  1. PCI Compliance hosting and migration
    We usually recommend PCI Compliant and optimized managed host environments for E-Commerce websites.
  • Help Clients with a PCI compliance and optimized host environment built for E-Commerce which MUST BE managed by Server experts. Here, we outsource this service. The advantage is that our Customers can access their servers on their own without our input or intervention, thus, can track our work/progress.
  • Host upgrade – when necessary, we provide hosting advice
  1. Module development –
    new website request to be added as a module or plugin.
    Our charge also varies depending on the complexity of the task

  2. Communications marketing –
    Connecting your brand, products and services to your target market using several technological means such digital marketing, advertising, direct marketing, and so on.

  3. E-Commerce Business Consulting – to deliver best practice and advice per time on your website, and E-Commerce business. Talking about proven methods that work in Nigeria – best practice that produce results.

  4. Business Automation Apps – we can provide software applications that can improve your business productivity. For instance, ERP, Project management, Logistics, CRM, etc.

  5. General website support 
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