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Harvard University’s Photography Course Now Free Online

Harvard University’s Photography Course Now Free Online


Harvard University photography course covering in details the fundamentals of photography is now available online for free for anybody interested
By Mustapha Anu
Harvard University photography course covering in details the fundamentals of photography is now available online for free for anybody interested. The course is well suitable for all levels of people who are interested in photography; be it beginners, intermediate or professional level.
This opportunity reminds me of my photographer friend who started her career three years ago with a ‘palasa’ Phone. She started by taking selfies with her girlfriends and sometimes personal selfies when bored. She usually uploads her shots on social media platforms to flaunt. That was three years ago.
Today, this lady earns cool cash as a photographer every weekend from ceremonies and parties in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. In fact, I witnessed her buy her first digital camera (Nikon D3200) now selling at $450 with proceeds from her fledgling photography business.
However, there was an issue.
Although my friend has got the required skills for photography through experience, she lacked the practical approach or understanding of photography. She does not have understanding of photography fundamentals and background knowledge. This makes it difficult for her to communicate with professional photographers and, even in some cases, some clients like a ‘Pro’.
Now imagine what would happen if this my friend and others in her shoe can get trained in photography by a prestigious university like Harvard at zero cost. She’ll probably blow up on completion of the course.
This is a possibility. It is not a ‘film-trick’…read on.
This photography course has thirteen modules. The first twelve modules focus on photography fundamentals while the thirteenth module serves as an assessment.
Now, excelling in the assessment with a good score of 80 percent or above can guarantee you a Harvard Diploma Certificate sent to you to print – so you could eventually hang it on your bedroom wall.
If your new year resolution is to take better photographs, then by all means join the over 509 thousand students currently taking this course. You start at your ow time and learn at your own pace. The knowledge gained by this learning experience from the Harvard gurus in photography could contribute to your making more money this year.
Yes, Harvard is neither the first nor the only prestigious university to have put up its material free on the Internet, but it is nice to see a non-computer science or academic course like this being offered to people in the creative industry.
This course has the potential to improve a newbie’s understanding and earning capacity in photography. If not for any other thing, the course is good for the sake of having obtained an Harvard Certificate.
Course details

Title: Digital Photography
Course URL:
Duration: 10 – 15 hours
Publisher: Harvard
Video: High
Audio: High
Assessments: Yes
Certification: Yes
Minimum Grade/Class Level Price: 0 – Free
Course Rating: 4 stars based on over 2,500 votes

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