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Ecommerce Business Is Serious Business.

Ecommerce business is serious business.

Do you want to start an ecommerce business?

It can be frustrating if not done properly. Many businesses online start well but eventually shut down with time owing to no experience as ecommerce is beyond having a cool website splattered with graphics and products all around.

Do you have what it takes to sell online in Africa and beyond? or do need help to help with thriving in this present economy? 

Here is a list of our ecommerce service breakdown for world class business revenue generation and scaling.

  • Coordinate your website development team, and provide general web maintenance, and software updates
  • Branding and Printing service – graphic design and printing of promotional materials for branding, logistics items / delivery like packs, paper bags, souvenirs, and so on for vendors, customers, staff, etc.  
  • Digital marketing service – online advertisement of vendor products, categories,  blog post promotions, etc. and fetching helpful reviews
  • Use analytics to gauge traffic, business revenue forecast, web designs and proposed features that will guide in future developments. For example, when to switch business models, or scale to mobile app (Android/iOS/Microsoft), or web app rather than website, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization and google top ranking with on-point search.
  • Coordination of social media promotions, profile branding, and account management, Social content marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), campaign / newsletter marketing, scheduling, and management
  • Work with secured and pronounced logistics third parties for delivery/shipping 

  • Perform User Acceptance testing to comply with pragmatic objectives
  • A/B testing across mobile, Tablet and Desktop platforms  
  • User interface and User experience designing and improvement
  • General web and technology support for stakeholders, vendors, staff and customers
  • Collect requirements from stakeholders and create a revenue and development plan.
  • Website traffic monitoring, analysis and reporting with Google Analytics
  • Ensure that product vendor uploads meet standard requirements, appeal elegantly to buyers, and ensure that website works very seamlessly across all devices including smart TVs.
  • Co-ordinate the UI and UX as they relate to website development.
  • Create e-commerce strategy for thriving and scaling up in the present harsh economy;  
  • Plan and coordinate website development and securities
  • Deconstruct and monitor top competitors’ websites, understand current web trends and apply those relevant to your business. 
  • Manage host service machines remotely and related host activities
  • Manage and/or coordinate the robust Google for publishers (DFP)
  • Network and Infrastructure Administration
  • Training of new staff/vendor hands-on experience  

Let Innovation Xtreme help you get your dream store website, make money online and thrive beyond the norm. Call +2348028612436 or email us by filling the form here.

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