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About IX

We are a leading international technology agency delivering awesome brand designs, website and mobile app products and services, networking, data security and management. Our team of committed thinkers and doers supports customers in their digital transformation. We develop digital products, services and campaigns that are redefining industries and accelerating our customers’ growth. Constantly, we deliver the best IT products through our emphasis on research and development and our continuous efforts at anticipating clients needs while improving quality and reducing cost. At the same time, we help brands with ambitious internationalization projects through our global footprint.

Web Design

Our digital team designs and develops experiences that put the user first. We create the tools and provide the platforms that accelerate digital growth. And as soon as your digital world goes live, we will continuously support your teams with measurements and further optimization. After all, the digital world never stands still

Data & Security

Our team of data analysts and scientists collects and evaluates important customer data. From the first search terms and purchases to online / offline shopping behavior. We also help create security protocols for daa security and integrity

Brands & Advertising

Our brand & advertising team creates, operates, develops and transforms brands. Brands that reach real, real people. Brands that people love. Our team will not only help you with the development of intelligent strategies, great implementation and content that will reach hearts and minds. Whether it is about creative content, video production or influencer strategies

UI/UX Design

To design a solution, you need to understand the problem. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated designer on your project, leading the creative team from the early design phase to user experience to the final product. Through each stage, our designers use both sides of their brains to make sure that every decision is on design and on brand

Shaping the future by empowering businesses with smart technologies.

As a full-service software design & development studio, we can handle your entire project from start to finish, or any of our experts can augment your existing product team for a few days to a few months or more. ​

We are registered as a limited liability company under the Cooperate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as Innovation Xtreme Int'l Limited (RC 1228522).

Using TECHNOLOGICAL tools, Innovation Xtreme EMPOWERs SME brands in Europe, Africa and beyond to ACHIEVE more.


Empower smart individuals and brands in Africa and beyond to achieve more.


Build and/or deploy affordable platforms for smart individuals and brands in Africa and beyond.​

Our Core Values​

Speed, Relevance, Accuracy and Intelligence.

To mention some of our clients:

  • AOLAT place, USA
  • Champion Media, USA
  • Dare 4 Africa, The Netherlands
  • Educultural Travel, Kenya
  • Narraty, The Netherlands
  • OROLYEP, Nigeria | USA
  • Oxford PLC, Nigeria
  • PVM, The Netherlands
  • Radon, Nigeria
  • RCCG, The Netherlands
  • Total Ergonomic, USA
  • Tranex PLC, Nigeria
  • Trulyout, Nigeria
  • UNIQ HealthCare, Texas, USA
  • Value Properties, Nigeria
  • Yesidang, Nigeria
  • and many more…
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